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Generating true business value with Cloud Cost Management/FinOps

Cloud Cost Management enables you to manage your cloud to spend every cent for true business value.

Cloud Cost Management:

  • saves you ca. 25% of costs when establishing FinOps
  • allows you a 12 months forecast which is +- 5% precise
  • gives you > 99% transparency of all cloud costs
  • allows you higher discounts with stronger bargaining power

adesso has fully convinced us in its role as FinOps consultant. They have presented us with innovative approaches to familiar issues and identified additional savings potential. With these insights, we can make the use of cloud services even more efficient at 3M.

Kim Otto | Cloud Program Delivery Lead | 3M

Your FinOps journey

It takes three steps when starting your FinOps journey:

1. Inform

Visibility & allocation, understanding cost driver

  • Cost visibility & Allocation:
    The ability to have full transparency to showback/chargeback is the starting point.

2. Optimise

Define process to perform actions, identify potentials

  • Buy Optimisations:
    Effective allocation allows the FO team to optimise purchases from cloud providers.
  • Budget / Forecasting:
    Improved budgeting and forecasting can be achieved through precise allocation and optimised buying.

3. Operate

Continue improve & operate, set goals on a strategy

  • Use Optimisation:
    Enabling maturity in other areas allows FinOps teams to concentrate on usage optimisation and cost engineering.

Our offer

Cloud Environment 2-day Assessment

Day 1: Infrastructure and Service Analysis

  • Morning: Review cloud infrastructure configuration (e.g., compute, storage, networking)
  • Afternoon: Assess cloud services and resource utilisation

Day 2: Cost Optimisation, Security, and Compliance

  • Morning: Identify cost-saving opportunities and optimise resource usage
  • Afternoon: Review security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards


Comprehensive report with recommendations for optimising the cloud environment

Cost optimisation plan and security enhancement suggestions

Executive presentation highlighting key findings and proposed actions

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