Digital transformation is changing the insurance sector

Digitalisation in the insurance industry

Efficient processes. Innovative products. Agile projects.

The accelerating pace of change is presenting new challenges across nearly every industry, but the insurance sector in particular has fallen victim to these challenges. The current situation can be characterised by rigid processes, hierarchical work structures, inflexible products, and cumbersome IT systems.

However, there are high expectations from end customers, as well as distribution partners, employees, and management. As they seek digital distribution channels, agile work environments, fully automated processes, and interconnected IT systems, all ideally at reduced costs.

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Data Driven Insurance

Data-driven insurance is the key to harnessing data for autonomous business models and services that can react to external influences and changes. For example, insurance products can be built on the basis of data and with the support of AI processes. For the insured, this creates seamless integration into the digital world and thus a new user experience.

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New Work & Agile Insurance

ocial change and competitive pressure lead to strict requirements for insurance companies. Customers want their claims to be processed as quickly as possible, and in the wake of the pandemic, employees expect flexible working models with a high percentage of remote work. This drives the digitalisation of collaboration forward.

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Digital Health Services

Digitalisation presents companies with the challenge of having to provide customer-oriented services in ever shorter time intervals - and to do so with increasing quality requirements and at competitive prices. This development also affects the health sector and thus private health insurance (PHI). In addition, not only the market is changing, but also the demands of the insured on their private health insurance.

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Open Data

Sharing data creates customised offers and customer experiences and thus competitive advantages. In the banking sector, open interfaces have already become established with the entry into force of the EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 and have given the industry a real technology boost. In the insurance industry, there is still a lot of catching up to do compared to the banking world.

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Green Insurance

Man-made climate change is real and can already be felt today. Therefore, we must act - now more urgently than ever before. Sustainable action to protect the environment and conserve resources is essential and is increasingly becoming the focus of people, companies and politics. The resulting changes also require far-reaching adjustments in the insurance industry.

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Further topics for insurers

  • Prevention to performance

    Active claims management

    A structured claims management with coordinated processes from the notification of a claim to the settlement of the claim is still a great challenge for many insurers. adesso advises you on this topic and develops an individual concept for you with which you can operate an active claims management.

  • Recognise insurance fraud

    Holistic fraud management

    Are you looking for a partner to help you detect fraudulent activities at an early stage? adesso supports you with a holistic consulting approach along the entire value chain of fraud prevention, starting with fraud detection and fraud detection systems, through operational case handling to process analysis and service provider monitoring.

  • Shaping customer relationships

    Digital solutions for reinsurers

    Reinsurers have different needs in terms of their IT landscape than primary insurers. They offer tailored solutions to primary insurers and thus have less standardised processes and certainly no volume business. Risks are assessed and underwritten individually. adesso offers a broad product portfolio along the value chain for this requirement.

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