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We understand the complexity of processes and requirements for modern value chains and the challenges that come with them. Whether it is series production or single-part production, complete plants, sophisticated machines or everyday tools – we understand the industry, the technology and the prevailing trends.

With our comprehensive industry expertise and IT service provider capabilities, we assist you in uncovering your digitalization opportunities throughout the entire value chain. From customer-focused marketing and sales, product development, and manufacturing to assembly and services, we address your pain points directly. With adesso supporting you, you can fully leverage the benefits of digital transformation. We draw upon the collective expertise of the entire adesso Group and our extensive network of partners to guide you through your digitalisation journey.

Our digital solutions for the manufacturing industry

Variant management

Configuration of individual products and automation of order processing

Automate your entire value chain from point-of-sale to lean prototyping to digital manufacturing with customised variant management. Minimise energy and manufacturing costs with the help of an integrated configuration and automation system and maximise your sales and customer satisfaction.

Development of smart products

We deliver holistic IoT solutions for Smart Connecten Products

Whether mobile cranes that provide detailed data on all operations, lighting systems that use sensors to collect information and optimise their own energy consumption, or networked machinery that triggers its own maintenance before downtime occurs - the Internet of Things is the driver for digital services.

Digital production

Taking production to the next level with information flows and algorithms

Lift your company to the next level of productivity with seamless information flows and intelligent algorithms. Whether developing a specific use case for your "Smart Factory" or supporting you through all phases of a comprehensive digitalisation project - adesso is the right partner at your side. We uniquely combine our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise as an IT service provider to maximise your profitability.

Predictive maintenance and field service

One step ahead with the right data

Use the potential of digital predictive maintenance as an opportunity to develop new business models in service! We help you to identify, collect and digitally analyse the relevant product and machine data. In this way, you can forecast the individual maintenance requirements of a machine, avoid failures, downtimes and the associated costs, and deploy your service technicians and resources more efficiently.

Digital Commerce

Meeting the future of trade sustainably

Take advantage of the potential of digitalisation for your service business! We work with you to increase your productivity, inspire users and raise new sales potentials. There is a variety of options, ranging from the app that enables direct contact to guided troubleshooting and real-time support via virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to self-service portals and document management – the possibilities are endless.


Successful sustainability management

All companies must save energy and raw materials. This requires comprehensive transparency and a strategic orientation of processes towards sustainable management, which must be reported on from 2023 as part of EU regulations.

Find out how adesso can help you achieve more efficient processes and solutions through digital control and data management.

Process optimisation

Our solutions for the process and process engineering industry

We offer you process and functional improvements to create uniform work standards for all employees. Our experts link these standards in work value cards (AWK) to map complex work.

Digital customer portals

Single sign-on for simpler processes

The complexity and confusion of the system landscape used in companies often requires a multitude of passwords and user names, which is also a challenge for customers and employees of other companies. Digital customer or service portals, combined with an IoT platform and a single sign-on, can remedy this situation.

The basis for smart products

Smart Product Platform

Many companies today cannot avoid IoT solutions such as smart connected products. The cloud application, in which all data converges, is the central hub. These are developed with the help of a Smart Product Platform.

Selected References

Insights into our daily work

We support manufacturing companies in the introduction of customised, digital services and the digitalisation of their products. Our references give you an insight into our daily work and show how we accompany companies from the manufacturing industry on their way to Industry 4.0. Our portfolio covers all relevant areas of digitalisation - from comprehensive consulting to the selection of suitable solutions and full implementation.

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