Data & Analytics

Data is fuel for digitalisation and artificial intelligence

Data & Analytics

Data is the fuel of digitalisation and for the use of artificial intelligence

Our mission "Data is our DNA" drives us to support companies in the strategic use of data and the generation of competitive advantages with the help of data. From the precise definition of requirements to AI-based data analyses, we accompany you through the entire process. Our broad service portfolio ranges from holistic consulting on data strategy and the design and implementation of modern data platforms to the development of your optimal business intelligence landscape and the targeted application of big data, machine learning and deep learning.

We support you throughout the entire data life cycle in the areas of data quality, data management, data governance and master data management. We ensure that you use the right data efficiently and thus successfully achieve your corporate goals. Rely on adesso as an independent consultant and partner for effective and high-performance data and analytics.

Over 300 adessi in the area of data & analytics

Over 200 satisfied customers

Hattrick 3 Winner of the BigData-Insider Award (Big Data Consulting category) 3 years in a row

Focus topics in the area of data & analytics

Cooperation with Aleph Alpha

Enterprise Generative AI for Industry & B2B

Aleph Alpha and adesso enable more efficient, competitive companies through innovative language models. Your path to a new, powerful AI era starts here - secure, smart and made in Germany. Discover the German world of Enterprise Generative AI for Industry & B2B.

Process Mining

Making digital footprints visible

Process mining is a tool that only realises its full added value in the hands of experts. To ensure that your department and your company benefit from process mining to the maximum, our teams combine process mining and technical expertise for the process to be optimised.

Further topics at a glance

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Creating added value for your company with AI

Our data science & analytics services put your company in the fast lane of digital transformation. Together, we maximise your potential and shape the future of your company.

Intelligent Automation

Automation that was previously unthinkable

Intelligent automation changes the rules of the game and enables the automation of processes that previously seemed unthinkable. Our dossier "Intelligent automation" offers you a compact introduction to the topic.

Trustworthy AI

Trust can be digitalised

Find out how we develop secure and trustworthy AI solutions that are not only intelligent, but also ethically responsible. Immerse yourself in the world of Trustworthy AI and discover how we harmonise innovation and trust.

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Selected references

Our references in the data & analytics environment give an impression of our daily work, provide an insight into various projects and emphasise our technological and consulting expertise.

Our service portfolio

Our expertise. Your success.

Tapping potential, seizing opportunities

Anyone can do data, you would think... But even though it seems so simple, companies still struggle to utilise data properly. Because many companies have no idea how they can leverage their treasure trove of data, the key question is: How do I manage the transformation from a "data-driven" to a "data-driven" company?

  • From data chaos to strategy
    Data strategy as the key to success in a data-driven world
  • Guard rails and rules for your data motorway
    Working quickly and efficiently with data governance without harming anyone
  • Trustworthy and secure data exchange
    Create framework conditions and standards with data sharing to share data responsibly and securely across organisational boundaries
  • Empowerment and expertise as the tools for success
    Guaranteeing operational excellence today and tomorrow through data literacy and culture
Bringing data to life - enabling innovation

Bringing data to life and using it to shape your organisation requires a solid foundation that is also capable of growth and on which you can build.

We design the basis of your data centre with an eye not only on architecture and design, but also on security, ethics and innovation. Always with the aim of transforming your data into insights and enabling your company to develop and innovate.

  • The blueprint
    Data platform strategy for an effective platform deployment that focuses on a company's business goals
  • A solid foundation at the touch of a button
    Creating the right foundation for data products, services and applications with the right platform architecture
  • More than just processing data
    Using data management to ensure that organisations use data effectively and that it is correct, available, secure and easily accessible
  • Turning old into new
    Keep pace with changing business requirements and technological developments through modernisation
Data reveals values - your basis for well-founded decisions

Every data set tells a unique story, and every pattern hides an invaluable asset. We collect, organise, analyse and visualise your data with the aim of gaining valuable insights and knowledge.

On this basis, you can make informed decisions to achieve your business goals and promote sustainable growth.

  • Realise data potential with ease
    Make complex information visible, tangible and ready for intelligent decisions with visual analytics
  • The hidden value of processes
    Use process mining to optimise processes in a data-driven way, eliminate operational inefficiencies and improve the company's overall performance.
  • Navigation through planning
    Enterprise planning - the route to optimised goals, efficient resources and sustainable growth
Creating value with data science - your data, our expertise, your success

The transformative power for your company!

We use our expertise to help you delve deep into the world of your customers, understand their needs and create personalised experiences.

Intelligent process optimisation and data-based decision making increases efficiency and drives innovation to bring your products and services to the forefront of the market.

So you can lead your company into a future full of opportunities.

  • Understand your data for better decisions
    Use advanced analytics to utilise complex algorithms and models to identify patterns and correlations in data and make them usable
  • Master the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation intelligently
    Not only increase efficiency, productivity and quality with intelligent solutions, but also pave the way for future growth and progress
  • The key to freeing up employees and maximising their resources
    Put an end to wasted time and unnecessary costs Create a more productive future with Intelligent Automation!
  • A fast and targeted AI solution with the right blueprint
    AI Factory - our framework for the development of value-adding, customised AI solutionsCreating value with data science - your data, our expertise, your success
Ensuring the quality of your data - long-term support for your data systems

If the engine doesn't run smoothly, even the best bodywork is useless.

Only if your data lifecycle runs smoothly can you improve the quality, reliability and speed of your data analyses. Regardless of the technology, tool, architecture or framework, we help you to successfully implement your data-driven transformation.

So that your data always stays healthy!

Our technology stack

Strategic partnerships and technological expertise for your success

We focus on our customers’ data and design solutions through cross-technology consulting. In doing so, we take into account the most important manufacturers in the data & analytics environment. These include SAS, SAP, Microsoft, talend and cloudera, as well as the multitude of open source solutions in the field of data science.

Take advantage of our strategic partnerships and years of technological experience.

Selected success stories

Insights into our daily work

  • Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA

    Centralised management reporting

    Merz Pharma relies globally on SAP solutions and already had a wealth of data on its own supply chain at every location. What was missing was the comparability of the supply chains and products of the globally distributed plants. However, in order to be able to utilise the existing potential of the sites even more efficiently in future, the Group's management needed a robust and reliable database.

  • Open Grid GmbH

    Making paper archives digitally usable

    OGE was faced with the challenge of testing the hydrogen suitability of its long-distance pipeline network for gas transport. In order to assess this suitability, the customer had to analyse the entire technical documentation of all the materials installed. The data is only available in the form of scanned documents, some of which date back to 1940. This includes manufacturer information, component lists, material components and technical and chemical properties.

  • L-Bank

    Conception of a BI strategy for L-Bank

    L-Bank uses a central data repository in the sense of a "single point of truth", which takes into account various supplier and customer systems and consolidates, integrates, aggregates and prepares the data for further processing. adesso was commissioned by L-Bank to evaluate the current situation in the BI context, to uncover optimisation potential and to create a BI strategy as an orientation framework and guideline for BI measures in the coming years.

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