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We actively engage with the latest topics, trends and innovations. We work with our customers to develop customised solutions throughout the energy industry’s entire value chain. In the process, we share our in-depth market and industry expertise in the energy sector as well as our broad expertise in the IT sector. Our customers have access to the entire solution space of the adesso Group’s portfolio.

Our agile teams know exactly what they’re doing. They’re passionate about achieving our customers’ goals and do so with success – over 1,000 successfully completed projects stand as proof of our expertise.

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Promoting sustainability and decarbonisation

Identifying and using the potential for efficiency and productivity

Business process automations, breaking up linear value chains and establishing complex cooperation networks are challenges when digitalising the energy industry of tomorrow. This also includes decentralising energy production, integrating renewable energies and decarbonisation. In this context, the climate neutrality of corporate business activities and a new strategic orientation for companies in tomorrow’s energy economy are coming into focus more and more.

Transformation of core IT processes

Using the right technologies and solutions for a successful digitalisation project

The challenge for the future energy industry is to shape the digital transformation of the energy transition and to utilise the resulting potential. This means redesigning or reorganising your own process and system landscape. This can entail developing new business models and new customer-oriented products and services.

Strengthening customer-centred service landscapes

Meeting expectations, wowing customers and increasing market penetration

Customer interfaces must continue to be digitalised. Performance and cost efficiency are the key drivers for doing so. Customers in the private, commercial and industrial sectors want to receive personal communication, tailored consultation and exclusive support. They all want to find quick answers to their pressing questions, try out new innovative products and product bundles and evaluate and compare attractive pricing models.


Custom-fit solutions for regulatory requirements

Regulation is one of the key drivers for digitalising the energy transition. In addition to regulating natural monopolies, such as the network industry or metering, state regulations also set the framework for market communication as well as handling data, critical infrastructure and much more. We provide you with support as you implement mandatory legal requirements, and on top of helping you with the implementation process, we make sure to always keep an eye on the added business value.

Data-driven business processes

The right methods and tools for your project

Data-driven business processes affect every area of the energy industry. The increase in digitalisation makes the development of a comprehensive concept for collecting, storing and analysing data inevitable. This also includes standardising the software solutions that have evolved over the years and streamlining the infrastructures.

Artificial intelligence in power plant maintenance

Value-based maintenance makes maintenance even more efficient

While data silos used to result in a high level of manual effort during power plant maintenence, forecasts about the maintenance requirements of individual components are now even more accurate thanks to artificial intelligence. Value-based maintenance (VBM) not only improves the efficiency of maintenance ate thr RWE power plant in Pembroke, UK, but also the level of service.

Selected references

Our reference brochure gives you an impression of our daily work, gives you an insight into various projects and underlines our technology and consulting competence in the utilities sector.

Rsearch project VideKIS

Controlling the energy supply of the future with a virtual power plant

Small wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants alone can neither compete on the electricity exchange nor take over system services such as maintaining the grid voltage for the electricity grid. These services are currently covered primarily by fossil energy sources. In the VideKIS project, decentralised small plants are combined into a virtual power plant in order to compete with fossil energy sources both for system services and on the electricity exchange. In the process, artificial intelligences in a central control system take over the control and marketing of the services.

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