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We specialise in delivering exceptional IT consultancy and software development services to our customers in the UK.

As a part of the dynamic adesso group, we are dedicated to deliver solutions that enhance business efficiency and that drive success. We blend innovative strategies with cutting-edge technologies across various domains to help your business thrive in the digital era.

Our diverse services are designed to meet the unique challenges of various industries, ensuring tailored and impactful results. At adesso UK, we are committed and foster a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork, which makes us a dependable global partner for your IT projects.

Join us, and let’s embark on this journey of digital transformation and excellence together.

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Webinar Generative AI

What is GenAI? Which industries and sectors are leading in innovation? What solutions are currently being used by companies? Are partners necessary for companies and IT service providers to enter the market? We will provide you with insights to answer these questions and give you the opportunity to interact with experts in the GenAI market.

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The dynamics of the IT industry have been significantly shaped in recent months by the developments in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). Promises have been made and expectations have risen - but what has really become of the hype surrounding GenAI? Take a behind-the-scenes look on bankings current best practices, where the real benefits lie, and which areas still require development time.

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Our services and solutions

Empowering your IT projects

We develop end-to-end services and IT-solutions with fine-tuned expertise

At adesso, we are dedicated providers of services that help companies achieve their goals. Our success is based on enabling the right people who have the passion to achieve the best possible solutions and products.

Our team, comprised of the brightest and most passionate professionals in the industry, is dedicated to creating solutions for you, that not only drive business success but also enhance operational efficiency.

With an expertise that encompasses a wide array of areas including Agile custom software development, cloud solutions within AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, AI/ML and Data Analytics, UX/UI design, and legacy system modernisation, we provide you with innovative and efficient services that cater specifically to your needs.

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Grow Together

With our book “Grow Together” we want to share our story about customers, projects and ideas that has shaped and are shaping adesso. The 25 handpicked stories represent a broad spectrum of our endeavours. Every project is unique, and every company has its own unique identity.

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Our Success Stories

Our industry expertise is as diverse as it is deep, covering key sectors like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Automotive, Health, Manufacturing, Life Science, Media and Sports. We don't just develop software, we are committed to continuously grow and this creates a culture of teamwork and innovation, positioning us as your reliable global partner for all IT projects.

  • Next level power plant maintenance with artificial intelligence

    RWE and adesso are addressing the complexity of maintaining the Pembroke power plant in the UK by creating a centralised data platform on Microsoft Azure Cloud. This platform enables the development of prediction models for efficient maintenance planning. Utilising Power BI dashboards, maintenance engineers can assess risks and plan operations based on value-based maintenance (VBM). Learn more

  • Variant management as a tool to create the next-generation gear unit

    With adesso, Flender sought to automate their business processes on the basis of an integrated, cutting-edge enterprise architecture in order to reduce lead times and production costs. Learn more

  • Local football leagues now look like the Champions League thanks to AI

    Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Champions League and Europa League - millions follow the competitions of professional football. With soccertwatch, the football matches of children and amateurs can also be noticed. A cloud solution with an open source software provided to be the perfect choice for soccerwatch.tv. Learn more

  • Switch to Microsoft 365

    Video conferencing, collaboration tools and cloud applications have become an integral part of everyday work in countless companies. Together with adesso, the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe switched to Microsoft 365 and introduced Microsoft Teams for 3,500 employees. Learn more

We are part of something big

Business success is the result of innovative ideas, forward-looking strategies and perfectly tailored IT solutions that provide optimal support to companies as they face their own particular challenges. We can contribute with people who bring the right mix of technological expertise, and a deep understanding of the customer’s business. With a large team of motivated employees within the adesso Group, we are here to help our customers successfully implement their projects through cost-effective nearshore teams, this is what we call Smartshore.

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